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Love to run?

We’d love to know what drives or inspires you to run. Share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter or drop us an email (in 100 words or less) to speedoflight@nva.org.uk and we’ll post some of the comments here.

“Running gives me the chance not only to get out and keep fit, but also to think. One of the best things about running for me is being able to see people going about their daily lives while I go past.”

“It is simple but I feel free from everything and get excited when I am running. I feel smells and winds of the city through my entire body.”

“Running is my life! I run as long as there is a way.”

“I run to share the achievement with my friends and activate my brain. It it also an appetizer to make a beer tastier!”

“I play the percussion in the orchestra. I think running and playing music is similar. I feel I move forward on my own when I run and I feel the same when I play music.”

“It’s primal. When I’m up on the hills running through snow, ice and pain I feel alive and reconnected to my ancient ancestors and at the same time at the outer edge of evolution pushing forwards. The endorphins are good too!”

“Running is disengagement, repetition and isolation. It’s meditative and soulful; mesmerising and fluid. But turn a corner, find a hill and it becomes a gutsy air grabbing gravel scraping challenge about finding the reserves of energy both in your muscles and in you heart.”

“To honour my dad who died of Parkinson’s just before my wedding. He couldn’t move at will – I can. I run to celebrate the life he gave me. Since I started running I lost four stone, have run a half marathon and next year my first marathon. It changed my life and I am committed to helping others change theirs too.”

“I love getting out into the fresh air winding down after a day’s work or looking forward to the long weekend run when I can explore more of the beach or hill wildlife. Running gives me the space to sort things out in my head. Once I get into a rhythmic pace and regular breathing I feel far more relaxed. I get a feeling of freedom and return often tired but always content.”

”Run for fun …”

”Because my boyfriend makes me!”

”Lose weight and stay sane.”

”It’s primal. When I’m up on the hills running through snow ice and pain. I feel alive reconnected to my ancient ancestors and at the same time at the outer edge of evolution pushing forwards.”

”I run at night because the concentration needed is doubled. So my distractions are halved.”

”At the age of 78 I am still running albeit rather slowly and know that this is one of the reasons why I am pretty fit. …… I took up running seriously the week before my 51st birthday. I have been running ever since.”

“I run for quiet. I run for energy. I run away from all the mess in my house. I run so my kids think exercise is normal behavior. I run so I can eat more. I run to be slightly less fat.”

”My dad was one of the baton holders for the Queen’s Baton Relay as part of the Edinburgh Commonwealth Games in 1970. Running links my brother and me with my dad and my gran. Although I am actually a sprinter I like being part of the natural surroundings around me when I run and I like being part of my family’s history.”

”I run to keep fit but would not do this regularly if it wasn’t for the witty banter and post-­‐run coffee and cakes with my rebel running friends.”

“to chat up boys!”

”I run because it creates connections between all of my physical and non physical particles. It makes me feel good.”

”So I can breathe!”

”All worries and problems disappear as soon as my trainers are put on.”

”I run to get away from the electronic tagging device that is my mobile phone.”

”Running frees me up. On a good run my soul bounces and dances a little jig inside my body.”

”Some people run together… but I just love that moment to myself. Music on and run off into another world where my imagination is the only boundary.”

”The simplicity of throwing on your trainers and heading out with only your music and the empty country paths ahead is unbeatable!”

”Peer pressure and bullying.”

”Mental release. I have some of my best scientific ideas when running once the stress is gone.”

“To lift myself out of the depressing rut my life had descended into. To give me a reason to live. To help me recover.”

”Good breathless blether at lunchtime and to see the sea from Arthur Seat.”

”In memory of my mum who died of cancer on 28/3/2011. We walked on Arthurs Seat together and my run would be for her.”

”I began running to lose weight I was tipping the scale at 15 stone and was having difficulty keeping up with my toddler. Running has given me a lust for life and adventure that I never believed was achievable. I believe if I can do it anyone can.”