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 © Euan Myles
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It’s a very minimal piece, this one, stripped back to a meditation on one of our most basic everyday activities – running, walking, moving through the spaces we inhabit. But it reimagines them, as something magical, mystical, sublime.

The experience of Speed of Light crescendos at the peak of Arthur’s Seat. Up here we can wonder at our own slightness and insignificance in the face of the big wide world, at all human endeavour, reduced to tiny jogging luminous dots of light in the night time.

The runners are a metaphor for the real city down there, for all our cities and civilisations, for all human adventures over the generations, created at the coral fossil of Edinburgh lit up below us”
The Culture Show

“Beautiful and strange”
The Guardian

“But what really cuts through is the eccentricity; the pilgrim solemnity of walkers creating a chain of lights up the hill…there’s nothing else in the Festival quite like it.”
The Independent

“When we stop and see the other groups below us, it’s like watching trains snaking through the darkness…it feels like we’re part of the installation.”
The List

“To climb it [Arthur’s Seat] as part of a pilgrim group, in the gathering dark, wielding identical light-staffs, and guided by kindly leaders, is to rethink a lifetime’s relationship with this most familiar landmark, even before the runners begin to re-sculpt landscape with their sparkling shapes.”
The Scotsman

“It is beautiful and it is breathtaking, and it is also the work of a man obsessed.”
The Arts Journal

“The stunning performance turns the audience into part of the show”
The Daily Record

“Winding up the paths of the city’s ancient and extinct volcano Arthur’s Seat, from a watchers distance, it looks as though an entire galaxy has fallen from the sky and littered the mounds of earth and stone with stars.”

“An exciting melding of innovative mass participation, art and sport”
Lothian Life

“We’ve picked 12 fantastic arts events from around the world. Plan a trip around one of these and you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic time.”
The Guardian