Katri Walker

We are delighted to announce that visual artist and filmmaker Katri Walker has created a new moving image work as part of Speed of Light’s investigation into the culture of endurance running.

The work entitled ‘An Equilibrium Not of This World’ takes its title from Chinese Geographer Yi-Fu Tuan who writes about human beings’ search for the ideal environment and a connection with the world around us. The film uses running, and hill-running specifically, as a conduit for the exploration of this symbiotic relationship between the body and landscape, the balance between nature and machine, and the intersection between the runner and their environment.

Katri explores the space between contemporary art and documentary film making, experimenting with forms of documentary and portraiture. She developed the work in the period leading up to Speed of Light, researching with participating endurance runners, and experimenting with time-lapse photography as a means to express movement, both through scientific imaging that reveals the interior physiology of the body, and through photographic representation of the body in motion.

Katri says: “As a keen hill runner myself and having grown up in Edinburgh, I was thrilled to be invited back to the city by NVA. It’s proved really challenging to visually articulate a physical and emotional experience that is so often beyond words, but I hope that people will be able to connect with the work and perhaps even feel inspired enough to give the hills a go themselves.”

The work was commissioned by NVA and Edinburgh Art Festival. An online version of the work was made especially for the BBC and Arts Council England’s online platform The Space, and Katri Walker’s work was also presented as an audio-visual installation at Edinburgh Art Festival 2013.