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NEW CANVAS at FutureEverything

NVA’s Creative Director Angus Farquhar took part in an artists talk and Q&A session on Fri 22 March as part of FutureEverything.

James George
Joel Gethin Lewis
Angus Farquhar
Julian Oliver

All canvases and creative tools provide an incomplete set of possibilities. Their inherent paradigms, workflows and artefacts create boundary conditions which naturally define the resulting artwork.

Artists using code as their principal material define new canvases and constraints. Creative coding platforms are incomplete by design, but are driven forwards one project at a time by artists who share the code and tools they create. This sharing is both as an act of fellowship, but also as an act of violence to reshape creative culture.

This session was a set of artists talks and Q&A with artists and engineers who critically redefine our use of canvases and the role of the creative tool maker. James George is the creator of RGBDToolkit, a piece of software transforming Director of Photography into a desk job. Joel Gethin Lewis hacks global commercial institutions into facilitators of the creative coding community. Angus Farquhar is creative director of NVA whose vision is to make powerful public art articulating the complex qualities of a location through collective action. Julian Oliver creates devices which subjugate our information networks to reveal their systems of control.

For more information on this event, please visit the FutureEverything website