© Sean Bell
  © Sean Bell


Speed of Light is now travelling to new locations worldwide, collaborating with local choreographers and runners in each country it visits, meeting new audiences and generating global media coverage.

Speed of Light offers a sustainable production model making unforgettable and impactful public art in public spaces through environmental animation and collective action. With minimal infrastructure and on- site requirements and all light sources worn by participants, the performance is transferable between outdoor spaces, buildings and structures.

We have presented the work in sensitive rural environments to the extremes of post-industrial landscapes, but in each location it allows us to look again at familiar or previously unseen space, and recognise their beauty and significance. The work uses light as a medium to communicate both the energy and commitment of each individual and the beauty of people working together bound by as strange symmetry and a common purpose.

To stage Speed of Light or Ghost Peloton please contact speedoflight@nva.org.uk to discuss opportunities and specifications.

Showreels of Speed of Light are available here