Speed of Light on Film

Ghost Peloton
The film Ghost Peloton was created as a commissioned component of the work, filmed and directed by Mark Huskisson. It shows his response to Ghost Peloton’s celebration of the spirit of the Tour de France and captures the stunning time-lapse footage of the ephemeral experience with additional choreography from dancers and location rides across Yorkshire.

The short film was launched as part of a Speed of Light world film premiere event at SWG3 in Glasgow in partnership with the Creator’s Project online. After launching, the video went viral, reaching over 120,000 views within the first week online, being selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick and included in worldwide coverage including the Huffington Post’s culture pages and BBC online news.

The Ghost Peloton film was also selected as part of the Channel 4 Showcase for the Kendal Mountain Festival 2014, was awarded Silver in the Best Artistic Film category of the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2015, and won in the Technology category at the International Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart 2015.

Sound: Frame Missing
Filming: Mark Huskisson, Reset Films

The film can be viewed on the player to the left or by visiting our Vimeo page.

Speed of Light Ruhr
NVA was keen to commission a film which could stand on its own as an artwork rather than simply being a visual representation of the ground breaking performance of Speed of Light across the Emscher Landscape Park.

In collaboration with McAteer Photography the Speed of Light Ruhr film set out to explore how light carried by 100 individual ultra-endurance runners interacted with the iconic industrial heritage and surrounding surfaces that they moved through creating shadow and reflection. Equally it was important to sustain a visual narrative and an element of separation between the runners and the environment, as the surroundings immediately gave context to the work.

The creative direction of the film was influenced greatly by the incredible monumentality of the Ruhr locations and there was great attention paid to absorbing and communicating the atmosphere of what was once the industrial heartland of Germany.

The scale, beauty and history of the sites helped create a film partially inspired by constructivist art and the propaganda films of the early 20th century, seen through a science fiction mutation. Strong bold lines and slow transitions merging vivid colours.

The film builds on uniformity with the choreographed patterns of runners and the strong light trails of time lapse conflicting with the hardness of the surrounding architecture until the final section of the film where the runners appear trapped. Here the landscape is differentiated and the frames are lengthened to evoke a sense of futility, chaos, the collapse of ‘leadership’.

Filming from a higher viewpoint and using lens tilt and slow motion helped to emphasize a feeling of abandonment until with a final enigmatic image a subtle optimism prevails as the runners/performers come together and re-unify around a common symbolic goal.

Sound: Robert Henke – Signal to Noise II
Filming and photography: McAteer Photograph

The film trailer can be viewed on the player to the left or by visiting our Vimeo page.

Speed of Light Salford
Our short film from Speed of Light Salford captures the beautiful patterns and shapes that were created by runners wearing LED light suits during rehearsals and performances.

Commissioned photography and film along with cutting-edge technology from BBC Research & Development has produced stunning footage of the runners’ movements and light trails as they illuminate the public spaces around The Quays.

Sound: Resonance Radio Orchestra, Biosphere
Filming and photography: McAteer Photograph

The film can be viewed on the player to the left or by visiting our Vimeo page.