About NVA

Established in 1992, NVA is a registered Scottish arts charity funded by Creative Scotland and a number of UK trusts and foundations. The organisation has produced award winning and dynamic projects in challenging landscapes – these have included temporary lighting animations on the mountains of Skye; permanent spaces such as the Hidden Gardens in Glasgow and the rescue of one the UK’s most important 20th century buildings, St Peter’s Seminary.

NVA’s vision is to make powerful public art articulating the complex qualities of a location through collective action. Our practice engages participants physically and creatively in redefining urban and rural landscapes. We take the existing landscape as a starting point for uncovering underlying layers, revealing how places shape and are shaped by their inhabitants.

NVA is an acronym of nacionale vitae activa, a Latin phrase describing ‘the right to influence public affairs’. Our work can create an intense and long-lasting sense of ownership and memory in the people involved and can raise strong collective ties, with a landscape itself or with aspects of our individual histories.

Visit the NVA website for more information about current and past projects.