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The Ruhr region is situated in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia in west Germany, incorporating 53 communities and eleven cities. Stretching across 116 kilometres from east to west and 67 kilometres from north to south, the region is criss-crossed by the rivers Emscher, Lippe and by the Ruhr, from which it got its name.

Nineteenth century industrialisation encouraged the development of the region, with workers from around the world arriving to work in the collieries and steelworks. Following the decline of these industries, the area was transformed through powerful and considered cultural regeneration.

Speed of Light Ruhr will animate 6 key sites across the area: Halde Hoheward, Bochum, Norsternpark, Zollverein, Oberhausen, and Duisburg-Nord. Each location presents an opportunity to reflect on the region’s balance of industry, culture and nature, and will be brought to life through collective movement and patterns of light.